Connecting Careers And Culture At Savannah African Art Museum

Maxime Mballa Tagny is an undergraduate senior studying Industrial Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Maxime Mballa-Tagny is a Cameroonian native who moved to the United States with his family in 2012. After completing his secondary education in New York, Mballa-Tagny was accepted to study in SCAD’s Industrial Design program in 2016. Mballa-Tagny shares that residing in Savannah has been a grounded and super diverse experience.

“What struck your interest for wanting to intern at The Savannah African Art Museum (SAAM)?” Mballa Tagny is asked. He begins to explain, “I like art in general. That’s my passion. African Art is rare to come by—even in Africa, it’s not as accessible. Therefore, an interest at SAAM hit all the sweet points.” As an intern with the museum Maxime Mballa-Tagny, is supervised by Billie M. Stultz, Executive Director & Curator of Exhibitions.

As an intern at SAAM, Mballa-Tagny provides the visitors with a thorough tour, informing them on the vast artifacts displayed throughout the museum and their correlation to African culture and civilization.

Mballa- Tagny’s explains that seeing how much the visitors are given an opportunity to learn about African cultures has made his internship with SAAM a rewarding experience. Mballa-Tagny’s elaborates further by explaining that there is a negative connotation when it comes to the continent of Africa. Slavery and the Dark Age are the topics that usually come to surface. There is more below the surface though. Africa has quite a rich history. As a tour guide, Mballa-Tagny has the opportunity to educate visitors about the culture, traditions and stories that are pass down through art. Secondly, simply being around African Art on a regular basis within the museum’s environment is rewarding. Thirdly, being involved with celebrating African history creates a wholesome experience. Contact Us: 1.912.421.8168 www.visit.

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