Chatham County Youth Commission Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Reunion

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, the Chatham County Youth Commission celebrated its 25th year with a reunion held at Ladell’s.Special Events Center on Abercorn St.

The Chatham County Youth Commission was developed 25 years ago by former Chatham County Commissioner Dr. Priscilla D. Thomas and the Chatham County Commission. Since then, over 600 young people have graduated from the program and are all over the country being engaged and productive citizens where they live.

The Chatham County Youth Commission has received national acclaim as one of the oldest & most active organization of its kind in the country. These dynamic and diverse young leaders are active in youth development and empowerment issues. Graduates of the Youth Commission will return from professions and colleges across the world to speak about their experiences and encourage local students.

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