Chatham Area Transit Receives $13.5 Million

CAT Board and lobbyist, Mike Vaquer
CAT Board and lobbyist, Mike Vaquer

Chatham Area

Transit (CAT) is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a $13.5 million dollar grant award! $11 million dollars will be received from the State of Georgia while the remaining $2.5 million dollars will be the allotted local match funding.

CAT staff submitted an application to the

GO! Transit Capital Program administered by the

State Road and Tollway

Authority (SRTA), which aims to address capital related public transportation needs throughout the state of Georgia. Chatham Area Transit will use the funds to replace one-third, approximately 26 buses, of the CAT bus fleet. Newer buses will reduce maintenance costs and enhance the customer experience by improving reliability and on-time performance. CAT is one of 11 transit projects across the state that will receive a total of $75 million.

This is truly a proud moment for Chatham Area Transit and the residents of Savannah/Chatham County as well as the state of Georgia!

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