An Alternative MLK Commemoration

Martin Luther King, Jr. shown with Malcolm X
Martin Luther King, Jr. shown with Malcolm X

The WWS Which Way Savannah Campaign invites you to an Alternative MLK Commemoration

Plundering the Dream, Hiding the Nightmare: A Revealing Look at How KING’S Legacy Has Been Re-shaped and soldout. Jan. 25th 2019, 7p @ SULPHUR STUDIOS, 2301 Bull St. Savannah. Event is free, donations accepted.

Join us in an evening of dialogue, study, music and Film. It is Martin Luther King in his own words on: Dreams, Black Power, Revolution, War and Nightmares. Special Guests include: Bennie Mitchell, III in a dialogue on his upcoming film: All Is Well; A report from Indigenous Radio Show Host Laura Shadley; a DRUMFOLK Jam with percussionist David Pleasant featuring Freedom and protest songs of this region and their role in national Civil Rights and Empowerment Movements.

WWS Which Way Savannah Campaign, a new movement to replace oligarchy, colonialism and the Confederacy with Escape, Rebellion and Freedom as leading Narratives of the region.

Now is the Time for the Ancestors to Clearly Speak!!

Contact: David Pleasant,, 646-207-1843

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