Abundant Grace Celebrates 63rd Church Anniversary

Abundant Grace True Church of God in Christ located at 4327 ACL Boulevard Savannah, welcome you to come and join us as we celebration of 63rd Church Anniversary January 25th- Friday at 8PM- Elder Greene Bryant, Jr of Bryant Temple, Rincon, GA January 26th- Saturday at 6PM- Elder Larry Gordon of Solomon Temple in Savannah, GA January 27th-Sunday at 11AM- Sunday school and 12Noon worship service-Minister Shedrick Pullins of Lucas Temple of Scottsdale, GA

Formerly Savannah True Church of God in Christ on Baker Street. New Name and address, but God’s Word remains the same. Phone# 1-706-829-1193 or 912-667-1477 www.thetruechurch.org Pastor: Elder Marvin Jones, Sr. Asst. Pastor: Minister Charles Thomas, Jr.

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