A Message From Evangelist Rachel Thomas

Mama Rachel Thomas
Mama Rachel Thomas
Dear Body of Christ,

With all my heart, I believe that God strategically places His people with a divine purpose in mind. Our lives are not by accident. Neither are the times in which we live.

You and I are called to make a difference in our city. We are Christ’s ambassadors – bearers of truth that transforms hearts and lives. This life-changing truth has never been needed more than it is today. That’s why we must seize every opportunity to hear God’s Word. Seizing opportunities to witness is what Savannah’s Unswitchables City-Wide Outreach is all about.

God has a plan that has been proven by His Holy Spirit in reaching thousands each year for the past few years, and to God be the Glory – Amen!

God is telling us, in essence, “My eternal concern is for a lost world. And our focus is on how God’s churches will reach those lost in our city together as one in Christ Jesus.”

He is searching for a believing trusting people that He can shape into His greatest evangelistic tool. Consider the Impact…Embrace the Opportunity! The tools are in place. They’ve been proven effective and the fields are ripe for the harvest. We are God’s soul-winning army, an Army that knows how to send the devil and his demons running. This army of Christian soldiers will do nothing less than change our city for God. When we step out in faith, God always show up. He shows up especially when three (3) generations occur (Partisimatories): 1. The wisdom of the older ones; 2. The resources of the middle; 3. The zeal of the younger. It was Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – Moses, Aaron and Samuel and in this hour, we are the Joshua Generation, and it’s time to turn the table on the devil, and God has a plan – a strategy proven. God’s Holy army must act now while it is yet still day. It is time for a Life line of Radical, Revolutionary people of faith, who are ready to rise up to God’s commission as Apostolically Ambassadors throughout this city. Seize the moment with Joshua, Yahweh – the last generation before He comes. We must all participate! God is sending out a Bold, Courageous army to seize the moment. The moment when people are still looking towards God, – when people are wondering where to turn. So, don’t look back, expect a victory in spite of! We are living on the Edge of Eternity – Come occupy until He comes.

That is what the Unswitchables has been since it was birthed by the Holy Ghost in 1986. We are changing our city by reaching souls, one heart at a time. Friends like you have stood with us through the years as we pointed thousands to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and we have encouraged thousands to grow stronger in their walk with God.

We want to accomplish more for Christ than ever before! We have God’s plan, we have God’s favor, but we need your help to put it all into action.

Feel free as a Born-Again Believer to come seize this opportunity for great victory in Christ. He is searching for you – Join God’s Army of Believers! How will you respond to this commission from God and Ephesians 4:16?

If you need more information, please call 912-748-9584, 912-247- 4070 or 912-728-4301.

Yours in Christ,

Rachel Thomas


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